1. Requirements


  1. Undergraduate or post-graduate student of all major from Indonesia or aboard and professional from public or private institution/company;
  2. Physically and mentally healthy;
  3. Committed and willing to work in the field for 11 days.


2. The provisions of Participants


  1. Download and fill out the registration form in HERE and submit it to with subject: Participant Registration_Name
  2. Agree to pay the registration fee.


3. Term and Conditions


  1. Do not bring or use alcohol, drugs, weapons, and firearms. Field camp committee has the authority to report any criminal action that it committed by participants to  the authorities;
  2. The departure of Field camp will be held on the campus of UGM, Yogyakarta;
  3. Participants must follow the schedule and the agenda that has been determined by the committee;
  4. For foreign participants who are undergoing medical treatment and  use of certain medications, please consult with the Indonesian embassy in your country about the legality of your medicine in Indonesia.


4. Participants Facility


  1. Accommodation during field camp (consumption and housing);
  2. Transport from Yogyakarta to the  village;
  3. The provision of personal protective equipment (helmet, boots);
  4. Safety vest;
  5. Field bag;


5. The Geophysics Methods


  1. Gravity and GPS;
  2. Geomagnetic;
  3. Microseismic;
  4. Multichannel Analysis of Surface Wave and Refraction Seismic;
  5. Geoelectricity - Induced Polarization;
  6. Very Low Frequency;
  7. Audio Magnetotelluric (will be confirmed soon);





Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Geophysics Laboratory / HMGF UGM

Sekip Utara III BLS 21 55281

Yogyakarta, Indonesia